SKANNA Security Systems & Investigations (“SKANNA”) provide reliable and effective integrated security solutions in Bermuda. Today, security requires much more than a uniformed presence in the lobby and a suite of integrated electronics. Privacy, risk management, financial issues, policy creation and enforcement, and investigations all fall within the security platform. Bringing those issues together to complement your organization's security plans requires strategic planning, communication, great management skills and a trustworthy, knowledgeable security partner.


With our deep industry knowledge and experience harvested in various environments in Bermuda, we can help you maintain your security and protect your most valuable assets. With information and skills that are both theoretical and practical we can readily make the connection to your organization's security requirements.


At SKANNA, we run our business by following three simple rules:

  • Provide a world-class service to our clients
  • Invest in our employees by providing continuous training
  • Act with integrity, honestly and objectivity


These three principles, along with exceptional work and reliability, have enabled SKANNA to develop a nationally-known security company. Against a backdrop of international threats from terrorism and increasing domestic security challenges to businesses, SKANNA will achieve strong, steady growth and notable industry recognition.


Over the years, the Directors of SKANNA are proud to have helped promoters and corporations in Bermuda, as well as a broad spectrum of business and institutions, solve some of their most difficult internal and external security issues. SKANNA and its select partners have the resources and knowledge to meet our customers' needs efficiently, cost-effectively and with the utmost dedication and professionalism.


Thank you for your interest in SKANNA and the exceptional services we offer. We welcome the opportunity to serve you and help make your organization more secure, or provide you with solutions to your most sensitive business problems.

Very truly yours,


Carl Neblett

Managing Director